Revolution Day in Egypt

Revolution day is a public holiday in Egypt that is going to celebrate on the date of 25 January.
It is a date that will be forever remembered in Egypt. That was the day when the Egyptian people decided to end the country's last pharaonic dynasty with a people's revolution.

Egyptians will be demonstrating today in solidarity with Tunisia and in hope for change within their own government. An Egyptian national holiday in honour of the police, has been renamed 'The Day of Wrath', 'Revolution Day', and the 'Koshari Revolution. This day is also known as Police day.

People's Activites
On this day, there is a holiday for the people and Thousands of Egyptians take to the streets nationwide protesting against the Hosni Mubarak regime, chanting "Bread and Freedom" and "The People Want to Bring Down the Regime." The protests were dispersed violently at the end of the night and many were detained. On 25 January, Egyptians took to the streets in almost every major town and city. The police tried to crush the protests, but unarmed people stood firm against water cannons, armoured carriers and teargas.

The holiday commemorates and is a remembrance for 50 police officers killed and more wounded when they refused British demands to hand over weapons and evacuate the Ismaïlia Police Station on 25 January 1952.
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