Naam Shabana Movie Dialogue | Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumaar

Taapsee Pannu will be playing the lead role, who was trained in mixed martial arts and Kudo along with Krav Maga for her role in the film. Malayalam Superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran,who was seen earlier in Aiyya and Aurengzeb,is playing an extended cameo in the movie. Taapsee’s intense training in the mixed martial arts has surely helped the actor with her stunt sequences, choreographed by Hollywood stunt director, Cyril Raffaelli. The trailer is equal parts action and drama — spotlighting Taapsee’s transformation from a civilian to an agent. Shabana is trained by Ajay Singh Rajput, and theme of the film seems to be Shabana’s revenge. Taapsee’s caliber comes across as an actor in every frame. The trailer has managed to keep audiences at the edge of their seats, wondering about Shabana’s mission and the intelligence agency’s intentions. The principal photography of the film commenced in the first half of September 2016 in Mumbai and moved to Malaysia in October. In early November, the production moved back to the streets of Mumbai, India to shoot action sequences. French stuntman Cyril Raffaelli joined the production as a stunt director along with flight instructor Abbas Ali Khan.

Naam Shabana Movie Dialogue | Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumaar

Hamari agency ka sirf aik agenda hai, national security at any cost.

Plus tumhara talent tumhara aptitude tumhain unique banata hai.

Tumhain jo information chahiye wo mile gi, jo madad chahiye wo bhi mile gi, lekin tumhain hamare liye kuch karna hoga.

Ye hai tony, One of the world's most wanted.

Hundred percent mary ga ye sab tu kar raha hai. Ye larki kar rahi hai, Kiya naam hai? Shabana.

Aap bole to main,... itni door se aaya hon kuch to karne do. 

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